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South America, Chile, Northern Patagonia, Lake District, Cochamo, Cerro Trinidad

Cochamo, Cerro Trinidad. I climbed in Cochamo in 1999 and 2000, staying two months each time. The first year four Brazilians and I put up a new line on Cerro Trinidad (800m, 5.11 A4), calling it Mucho Granito Arriba. The follow year we visited the area again, but climbed in two teams. Two of the strongest climbers in Brazil, Sergio Tartari and José Luis Hartman, opened Tabanos na Cara (700m, 5.10c A3+) on the central pillar of Trinidad and Além da Laca (400m, 5.12c) on the lower Trinidad tower. They also opened another four routes: Mister M (500m, 5.10a), Velho Alerce (300m, 5.11, A3), and two two-pitch crag climbs. Stanley Costa and I opened Vozes da Grota (330m, 5.11c A2+) and made the first repeat of the just-opened Basque route Euskal Perestroica (900m, 5.10b A3) on Trinidad’s main tower, freeing five of its eight aid pitches, upgrading it to 5.12 A2+. After that we did the first repeats of Além da Laca and Mister M and made an unsuccessful attempt on another tower.

Marius Bagnati, Brazil