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A.A.C., North Central Section

AAC, North Central Section. The North Central Section is continuing to try to “get its feet” on the ground after having an open chair position for several years. The Section Web site, with its climbers’ message board and announcements of upcoming events, has been popular. Because our climbing population is so scattered, we felt it necessary to host a place where trips can be arranged, belayers located, etc. The message board has certainly served that purpose. Also posted on the Web site were highlights from the Club’s Annual Meeting in Denver.

There were two clean-ups at the Section’s most popular climbing site, Taylors Falls Crag, just north of the Twin Cities. The first one in May, sponsored by a local climbing shop, drew about a dozen participants. Unfortunately, the second session in August, sponsored by the AAC, had poor weather and a poor turnout. We enjoy a good relationship with the administration at the State Park, and all seems calm at the moment. Our Minnesota climbing regulations are now in popular print and may be found in the current Midwest Climbing Guide. The goal for 2001 is to move our clean-up day to the Blue Mounds Crag in southeastern Minnesota.

Scott Christensen, Chairman