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Asia, Pakistan, Nanga Parbat Range, Baltoro Muztagh, KJ2, Solo Ascent and Attempt

K2, Solo Ascent and Attempt. Yasushi Yamanoi and I came back to Japan from K2 on August 25. Voytek Kurtyka and Yasushi looked at the east face, but gave up because of bad weather. Voytek left soon after, as he was not interested in any other route. Yasushi reached the summit on July 30 via the South-Southeast Spur Route. He summited with a Korean team member who used oxygen. My body condition was so bad, I could only reach 7600 meters.

Taeko Yamanoi, Japan

Editor’s Note: Y. Yamanoi was reported to have left Base Camp at mid-day on July 28 and reached the Shoulder by 4 p.m. the next day. He summited at noon on July 30 and was back in BC the evening of the 31st. This is perhaps the fastest ascent of the route; in 1986, Benoit Chamoux summitted via the Abruzzi Ridge in 23 hours from BC.