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Asia, Pakistan, Nanga Parbat Range, Panmah Muztagh, Peak 5750m, Ascent, Peak 5990m, Possible First Ascent and Baintha Brakk, Attempt

Peak 5750m, Ascent, Peak 5990m, Possible First Ascent, and Baintha Brakk, Attempt. Doug Chabot and Jack Tackle flew to Islamabad on June 15 and arrived at Base Camp below the Ogre Thumb on June 21. After establishing Advanced Base Camp on the Uzun Brakk Glacier, they fixed five pitches of beautiful climbing on the south buttress of the Ogre (Baintha Brakk, 7285m). Acclimatizing on the previously climbed Peak 5750m located near Latok II and then Peak 5990m near the east face of Uzun Brakk (which they believe was a first ascent), they then patiently waited for clear weather to climb the south buttress. Unfortunately, 27 days of bad weather during the month of July prevented them from climbing any higher up the buttress. They were able to remove all their fixed line before leaving BC on July 29.

Douglas Chabot