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Asia, Pakistan, Spantik-Sosbun Mountains, Sekha Brakk, First Ascent

Sekha Brakk, First Ascent. It was reported that a British team consisting of Dave Wilkinson (leader), Ken Findlay, Paul Hudson and Karl Zientek made a probable first ascent of Sekha Brakk (ca. 5450m) on the Hispar watershed ridge of the Solu Glacier. Base Camp was established on July 22 at ca. 3850 meters “a little way above” the encampment of Sugulu. Plagued by unsettled weather, the team explored an unnamed side glacier north of the BC, where they made their ascent.

South of the Solu Glacier on the adjacent Sokha Glacier, Britons Ian Arnold and Dave Millman climbed a small, unnamed peak during the same time period. (High Mountain Sports 221)