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Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Ugamskiy Range, Kyzylbash Peak, Northeast Face, New Route

Kyzylbash Peak, Northeast face, New Route. On August 19-22, a team from Norilsk composed of Anatoly Paveliev (leader), together with Pavelieva Nelia, Sergey Kartsev, Nikolay Koltakov, Rimma Popova, and Natalia Raficova, established a new route on northeast face of Kyzylbash Peak (4200m), which lies in the Sayram-Su Valley in the Ugamskiy Range. The route took the left side of the 750-meter rock face, which has an average steepness of ca. 82 degrees in the central part. Two days were spent fixing the route prior to beginning. Summit day and return to base camp was made on August 22.

Vladimir Shataev and Vladimir Kopylov, Russian Mountaineering Federation