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South America, Chile, South of Paine, Tierra del Fuego, Cerro Selk'nam, First Ascent

Cerro Selk’nam, First Ascent. On October 4, I made the first ascent of a peak near Bahia Pary, naming it Cerro Selk’nam after the historical indigenous people of the area. On September 25, I was dropped off and made Base Camp at Bahia Pary. After two load carries, I made the ascent, which included one point of 5.9, two pitches of 70-degree ice and mixed, a long easy ridge, and glacier walking with many crevasses. I then tried to climb the east face of Cerro Yagan, but I could not, because the weather was bad for three weeks. I had to live in a small way in my tent all the days and nights. On October 25, I departed BC in a fishing boat that came for me.

Miyazaki Motohiko, Japan