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South America, Argentina, Argentine Patagonia, Aguja Guillaumet, Various Activity

Aguja Guillaumet, Various Activity. The Via Amy (65° 4, 300m), which is the rightmost couloir on the east face of Aguja Guillaumet, saw countless repeats. Among those recorded were: Franz

Kanger and Michael Lunden (Austria) in late November, 2000; Tanja Gionettoni and Jean Morelli (Switzerland) on November 28; Karen Wagner and Alexander Issler (Germany) in January, 2001 ; Mich Platter and Klaus Schwarz (Italy) in January, 2001 ; Dave Turner and John Culbertson (U.S.) in February, 2001; Dave Anderson and Andrew Chapman (U.S.); Billy Ceballos and Marcelo Rodriguez (Argentina), and Andreas Frank (Austria) and Ty Mack (U.S.). The Northwest Spur (40° 6b, 350m) saw one ascent in late October by Swiss David Gottler and Daniel Bontgler. Germans Dietmar Kastring, Kai Bunhe, Ralf Marala, and Andreas Ratka climbed to the end of the technical rock climbing difficulties some time in late February.

Rolando Garibotti, Club Andino Bariloche