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South America, Argentina, Argentine Patagonia, Various Ascents

Argentine Patagonia, Various Ascents. I visited Chalten from November 18 to January 25, spending a total of 68 days, ten of which were good weather. Many of the ten good weather days, however, lasted for only ten or 12 hours at a time. Antoine Noiry and I (France) climbed a new variation to the Beager-Jennings route on the east face of Guillaumet (2539m); we named it Courrier du Sud. Our line is a three-pitch direct start to another variation of this route, which is Terre des Hommes (Koch-Parkin). We had an epic descent in a raging storm due to the fact that Antoine forgot his goggles. Later we also managed to climb the beautiful East Ridge of Cerro Grande (2801m) in the Adela Massif, enjoying a wonderful view from

the summit, and the Whillans route on Aguja Poincenot (3036m). I also climbed one of the summits of Cerro Electrico (Punta Negra, 2270m) via an obvious ramp.

Laurence Monnoyeur, France