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North America, Greenland, Cape Farewell Region, Eastern Torssuqatoq Spires, New Routes

Eastern Torssuqatoq Spires, New Routes. In August, John Bracey led a British group that included Ian Renshaw, Virginia Cooper, Steve Powel, Matt Goode, Vicky Barret, Charlotte Manwiring, and Alex Messenger to the cirque of peaks north of Ujarasugssuit Qaqa (1320m), near the head of Torssukatak Sound. The team established seven new routes; notable new routes include the Southwest ArĂȘte (ED, 700m) of Whaleback Peak, by Goode and Barret, and Sunnyside (ED, 490m) on the Breakfast Spire, by Renshaw and Powel. Further details are lacking.

Ian Parnell, United Kingdom