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Asia, Pakistan, Baltoro Muztagh, Shipton Spire, Ship of Fools

Shipton Spire, Ship of Fools. Anders Lundquist, Mattias Jakobsson, Karl Ljung and I reached Base Camp on June 21. After organizing the equipment and admiring what is probably the most beautiful Base Camp in the Karakoram, we started ferrying equipment to Advanced Base Camp. Eighteen days later we established our first portaledge-camp. We climbed in capsule style and established three camps. On July 23, Karl and Mattias reached the summit after 21 days of climbing. Anders and I reached the summit the day after. The route we climbed was Mark Synnott and Jared Ogden’s wonderful 1997 route, Ship of Fools (VII 5.11 A2 WI6, 1350m).

Ludwig Qvarnstrom, Sweden