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Asia, Pakistan, Hispar Muztagh, Sakar Sar, First Ascent

Sakar Sar, First Ascent. Akira Miyazawa, Makoto Ishikawa, Kanji Kamei and Teruaki Suzuki, along with two high-altitude porters, were in the area from July 19-August 30. Base Camp was made at 4500 meters. From BC to Camp I (5100m), the team encountered moraine and snow slopes. From CI to CII (5700m), we climbed a snow face with hidden crevasses, then another snow slope. We climbed from CII to the summit on August 13, reaching it at 12:30 p.m. Snow and ice faces led to a snow ridge, which was followed to the top of Sakar Sar (6272m) (36° 54' N, 74° 15' E). All members and both porters reached the summit. We were blessed with good weather.

Makoto Ishikawa, Alpine Club of Yokosuka