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Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.), Kyrgyzstan, Pamir-Alai, Karavshin Region, Slesova, Fiamma d'Oriente, Second Ascent

Slesova, Fiamma d’Oriente, Second Ascent. Three weeks after the establishment of the Fiamma d’Oriente by an Italian group (see above), the route was repeated by I. Pekhterev (leader), D. Vlaznev, I. Vlaznev, V. Kazartsev and V. Lavrenenko in six and a half days, from August 1-7. After climbing the route, the Russians and Italians conferred and found that their respective ascents varied at two points in the center of the route. Apart from its difficulty, this face has another characteristic: lack of water. The first snow is found only near the summit. Therefore, the Russians fixed the route for several days prior to launching.

Vladimir Shataev, Russian Mountaineering Federation