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Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Mt. Demaria, Ascent, and Other Activity

Mt. Demaria, Ascent, and Other Activity. In early February, a British party visited the Antarctic Peninsula aboard the yacht Shantooti. On February 23, Luke Milner and Roger Haworth made an ascent of Mt. Demaria (635m) with Vladislav Timofeyev and Pavel Silin, the latter two being Ukrainians from the Vernadsky base. This steep peak was first climbed in July, 1979, by a BAS group and has received a number of ascents since. On February 28, Richard and Roger Haworth then attempted the unnamed highest peak of the “Seven Sisters,” a feature in the Sierra du Fief on Wiencke Island. Their attempt via the northwest ridge was unsuccessful due to poor snow conditions. On March 4, this pair then ascended to the highest point on the ridge between Jabet Peak and Noble Peak (720m) via the west ridge. This summit had been reached by British in 1948 and again by Italians in 1976.

Damien Gildea