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Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Wiencke Island, Ascents

Wiencke Island, Ascents. On January 11, New Zealanders Mike Roberts, Lizzie Craddock, Richard Craddock, Amber Chisholm, Anton Woperis and Steve (last name unknown) started climbing from an anchorage near the Chilean base of Gonzales Videla. A long glacial traverse south and east took them to a col near Mt. Hoegh (890m). The whole party then ascended a smaller 805-meter peak to the southeast of Hoegh. Upon returning to the col, Richard Craddock, Steve, Woperis and Chisholm climbed Mt. Hoegh, while Lizzie Craddock and Roberts climbed another peak (730m) to the southeast. On January 13, the whole party made an ascent of Jabet Peak (545m) on Wiencke Island, a climb first done in May, 1948, by the Britons Pawson and Richards and climbed a number of times since.

January 17 saw the Craddocks, Woperis and Roberts make a probable new route on Janssen Peak (1085m) on Wiencke Island. This peak forms the southwestern end of the popular Sierra du Fief range in southwestern Wiencke Island. The climb involved 12 and a half pitches of 45- to 50-degree snow on the obvious and aesthetic east face. The party finished their trip with Steve, Woperis, Roberts and Chisholm making a ski-traverse of Doumer Island on January 18.

Damien Gildea