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North America, Greenland, Northeast, Lindbergh Fjelde, Various Activity

Lindbergh Fjelde, Various Activity. On July 25, Paul Walker of Tangent Expeditions International flew a team comprising Ralph Atkinson, James Berry, Luke Francis, David Howe, Phil and Anita Jones, Malcolm Minchin and Owain Turner into the Lindbergh Fielde. At 69° N, 31° W, this area lies 60 kilometers northeast of the Lemon Mountains and a similar distance northwest of Gunnbjøms Fjeld. Apart from a visit to its southern edge by a British group in 1992, it had never been explored or climbed in. Walker’s group reported some poor- quality rock but large numbers of very attractive snow and ice peaks. Over a period of 16 days, the team made 20 first ascents of mountains between 2600 and 3200 meters high; the weather was perfect throughout this time. The group was flown back out to Iceland on August 11.

James Gregson, Alpine Club