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North America, Greenland, Northeast, Rignys Bjerg Area, Various Activity

Rignys Bjerg Area, Various Activity. The Rignys Bjerg mountains lie some distance east of the Watkins Bjerge and Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjelde areas at approximately 69° 5' N, 26° 30' W. In late May, Nigel Edwards and three others were flown into the area. Due to a misunderstanding, their pilot set them down at the location used by British groups in 1998 rather than their intended, more easterly site. Despite this mix-up, the team made a total of ten first ascents in this mostly unexplored region before being picked up by the flight taking the Scott Umpleby/Jim Gregson group into the Watkins Bjerge (see account below).

James Gregson, Alpine Club