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North America, United States, Alaska, Alaska Range, Mt. Crosson, South Ridge, Previously Unreported

Mt. Crosson, South Ridge, Previously Unreported. In May, 1996, Paul Ramsden (UK) and Andrew Brash (Canada) made the first ascent of the South Ridge of Mt. Crosson before continuing up the Sultana Ridge to the summit of Mt. Foraker. We climbed in a super lightweight style and had a great time. The South Ridge provides 6,000 feet of elevation gain and was climbed over two nights due to the high daytime temperatures. The main difficulties were found low on the ridge, where the shale pinnacles were covered in unconsolidated snow. From the summit of Mt. Crosson, we continued to the summit of Foraker over two days. Conditions on the ridge were excellent and the weather was very good. We returned to Crosson before descending the usual Southeast Ridge. The round trip took a total of five days; we gave the outing an Alaskan Grade 4 for the whole thing.

Paul Ramsden, United Kingdom