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North America, Contiguous United States, Utah, Zion, Kolob Canyon, Nugget Mesa, Sheehe Buttress

Kolob Canyon, Nugget Mesa, Sheehe Buttress. In October, Kathy Dicker and I made the first ascent of Kolob Canyon’s Nugget Mesa (the buttress left of the waterfall). Our climb, Sheehe Buttress (V 5.10 A3), takes the obvious, most central line up the 1,200-foot southwest face. The climb is moderate, enjoyable and on quality rock. On the summit, we placed a small cairn and a summit register. The descent is made down the route and is quick, easy and safe. However, the final pitches are runout on moderate rock with questionable anchors. These pitches can be avoided if one wishes to forego the summit. The climb took a total of nine days over two attempts, the first attempt in frequent snowstorms and the final push in searing 100° temperatures. We named the route in honor of our friend, Sean Sheehe, who died earlier in the year. The route is easy to locate and requires a standard wall rack. It is a probable two- or three-day climb for most parties, although it could certainly be done in a day by a strong team. An all-free ascent might be possible at mid-5.13.

Scott Cosgrove