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North America, Contiguous United States, Utah, Valley of the Gods, Various Activity

Valley of the Gods, Various Activity. In 1999, with various partners, I visited the Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah five times. While the bulk of my time was spent racing around Valley of the Gods Loop Road like a maniac (trying to set a new time record and a new dust-plume-height record), I also managed to climb five major towers that were previously unclimbed. Drivers/climbers/lunatics also involved included Jesse Harvey, Jon Butler, Benny Bach, Lefty Angus Bums and Jeff Widen. First ascents were as follows. January 2: Putterman in A Bathtub (II 5.9 Cl, 450') January 3: pitch 1 variation to Forrest-Hurley, Petard Tower (5.9 Cl). January 9-11: Putterman on The Throne (III 5.9 Cl, 450'). March 6: The Putterman

Residence (II 5.8 Cl, 300'). March 7-8: The Hand of Puttima (II 5.9 Al, 300'). December, McYetta’s Loaf (II 5.8 Cl, 300').

Cameron M. Burns