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A.A.C., Cascade Section

AAC, Cascade Section. A number of exciting things happened in 1998 with the goal of revitalizing the Cascade Section in 1999. We have a new web site that you can visit at www.alpineclub.org. As time goes by, we hope that our members will contribute articles and pictures for posting on the web page. We will post the Section newsletter and other pertinent local information on it as well. We also have a new newsletter and encourage members to submit articles for inclusion. We’d like it to be an informal way of keeping us informed about what everyone is doing.

We are also trying to start a committee to help with local access and conservation issues, and also one to plan Section activities. All of this work is possible due to a larger group of volunteers helping out. We are asking for even more volunteer help to keep the web site current and our newsletter full of interesting articles, increase Section activities and maintain meaningful participation in access and conservation issues.

Steve Swenson, Chairman