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Asia, India, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Leo Pargial, Ascent, and Medical Work

Leo Pargial, Ascent, and Medical Work. Leo Pargial (6791m) in Hangrang (North Kinnaur) was first climbed on August 10, 1933, by a British team led by Marco Pallis via the west ridge. The first Indian ascent, led by D. K. Khullar, was also made via the west ridge on June 19, 1967. In June, 1998, it was climbed for the eighth time by a ten-member team from Calcutta 26 led by Milan Nag (leader) and Shyamal Sarkar (climbing leader).

An eight-member medical group accompanied them. Seven of them set up an eye camp at Rekong Peo, the headquarters of Kinnaur district, 220 kilometers north of Shimla. The camp ran from June 9-23 and treated 175 cases, of which ten were IOL operations.

Harish Kapadia, Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Journal