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South America, Tierra del Fuego, Argentine Patagonia, Various Activity

Argentine Patagonia, Various Activity. Charlie Fowler (U.S.) was in the area from late November until mid-February. With various partners, he climbed the following. Right French Couloir (TD-5.9 60° ice mixed, 400m) on Guillaumet, December 5, 1998, with Steph Davis; the Argentinian Route (TD, 5.10-, 500m) on the west face/north ridge of Aguja Mermoz, December 21, 1998, solo; a variation to the Pippo Frasson (line to the left of the French Gully, TD, 300m, 80° ice, mixed) on Guillaumet, January 2, 1999, solo; Bienvenidos a Patagonia (5.11b, mixed, 550 meters) on the north face of St. Exupery, January 10, 1999, with Nathan Martin; the Whillans Route (5.8 mixed, ca. 650m) on Poincenot, January 21, with Nathan Martin, in January, 1999, with Nathan Martin; Vela y Viento (5.12 A0, 500 meters, third ascent, with new variant) on Mermoz, February 10, 1999, with Nathan Martin. A full account of his productive stay appears earlier in this journal.