South America, Chile, Various Activity

Publication Year: 1999.

Chile, Various Activity. In the last two southern summers (December through March), I accompanied local mountaineers in repeat climbs in central Chile. However, on the four first ascents I was able to make in that period, I had no companions. On December 16, 1997, I climbed Cerro Pastén (4357m) in the upper Yeso valley east of Santiago, and Cerro Parrera (4569m). The latter peak is situated in the sources of the Navarro Creek, Aconcagua Province. In both ascents, I was harassed by very strong winds. In the following Chilean summer, I climbed P. 4121m, situated at the head of the Arroyo Blanco Creek and south of the Nieves Negras Pass, on December 31, 1998. I named it Alto del Arroyo Blanco (High Peak of the White Creek). Its southern ridge, which I used, had unstable rock and was quite exposed. On January 14, 1999, I ascended the fine red rock pyramid of Cerro Gastón (4024m), also situated in the upper Yeso valley of the Santiago hinterland.

Evelio Echevarria