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North America, Greenland, Northeast Greenland, Rignys Bjerg Mountains, Various Ascents

Rignys Bjerg Mountains, Various Ascents. Lying 130 kilometers east-northeast of the Watkins mountains, the Rignys Bjerg ranges have, until 1998, eluded all mountaineering expeditions on the grounds of cost and complex logistics. Covering an area of over 5,000 square kilometers at 69°N, they contain hundreds upon hundreds of unclimbed peaks up to 3000 meters that stretch along the east coast of Greenland from the fjord regions right through to the fringes of the great Greenland icesheet. Rarely are areas such as this to be found anywhere in the world outside of Antarctica. However, on June 11, with air reconnaissance of the mountain ranges and subsequent landing site having taken place the day before, a Twin Otter was positioned at Constable Point to fly two small and independent expeditions led by Mark Bailey and John Hulse to an area into which no mountaineering expedition had ever penetrated. Comprising two separate groups of three and four members respectively, these teams climbed a total of 28 new peaks within a three-week period in a variety of climbing combinations. Very good weather prevailed for the majority of the duration except for one major snowfall and subsequent four-day period of unsettled weather.

James Gregson, Alpine Club