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North America, Canada, Baffin Island, Auyuittuq National Park, Mt. Frigga I and Mt. Frigga II, Ascents

Mt. Frigga I and Mt. Frigga II, Ascents. Minoru Nagosi and seven other people, all from Hiroshima, Japan, ascended Mt. Frigga in Auyuittuq National Park in Baffin Island. They climbed on the west faces of Mt. Frigga I and Mt. Frigga II. On the west face of Mt. Frigga I, three of them climbed 11 pitches (VIA3+) capsule-style from July 17 to August 13. They were forced to rappel because of a storm. From their rappel point, they were 300 feet from the top. On Mt. Frigga II, four members of the team climbed 16 pitches (VI 5.10c A2) from July 18 to August 8.

Kazuyuki Sasaki, Editor, Run Out