Asia, Pakistan, Hainablak, East Tower, Attempt

Publication Year: 1999.

Hainablak East Tower, Attempt. (This account clarifies an inaccurate report from last year’s volume; see 1998 AAJ, pp. 321-322.) On our three-man, four-week Karakoram big wall expedition, we attempted the unclimbed 1400-meter northeast face of Hainablak East Tower (ca. 5800m). We were very early in the season, and had a lot of bad weather (with only four really nice days). We also ran out of our time. We climbed 21 pitches between June 3 and 21, 1997, in capsule style. The climbing to that point was 5.10 A4. (See photo on preceding page.)

Thomas Tivadar, Germany