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North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Baffin Island, Auyuittuq National Park, North Tower of Asgard, North Face, Nunavut

North Tower of Asgard, North Face, Nunavut. From July 4 to 21, 1996, Txus Lizarraga, Raul Melero, Natxo Barriuso and I (all from Basque Country, Spain) put up the route Nunavut (VI 5.8 A4, 800m) on the north face of Asgard’s North Tower. (See note in the 1997 AAJ, p. 210.) The route is between the Swiss Route and Hyperborea. It follows the obvious roof and dihedral in the middle of the wall. The beginning is situated in a flake; to continue, follow the wall until it reaches the roof. After the dihedral, continue up the wall to reach a system of cracks that leads to the summit. We climbed in capsule-style: one camp at the foot of the route and two camps in hammocks on the wall. We rappelled the route. We experienced 17 days of climbing and one of descent. We approached Asgard by helicopter; we returned by walking and rafting to the sea, making a descent of the Weasel River in the process.

Miguel Berazaluce, Basque Country, Spain