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North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Logan Mountains, Vampire Peaks, The Vampire Spire, First Ascent

Vampire Peaks, The Vampire Spire, First Ascent. During June, 1994, in the Vampire Peaks of the Northwest Territories, Jeff Hollenbaugh and I, accompanied by photographer Greg Epperson, climbed a granite spire that we dubbed the Vampire Spire. Our route, The Infusion (IV 5.11 modern A2+), was around 800 feet long on excellent alpine granite. The spire would offer several other excellent lines. We had hoped to do more, but we moved our camp once during the two-week trip, and had a bit of stormy weather as well. As far as I know, some of the mountains in the area had been climbed via mountaineering routes.

Mike Benge