Asia, Tibet, Loinbo Kangri, Ascent, and Qungmo Kangri, Ascent

Publication Year: 1998.

Loinbo Kangri, Ascent, and Qungmo Kangri, Ascent. It was reported that a joint Chinese-Korean expedition managed to make the first ascent of Qungmo Kangri (7048m) in the Trans Himalaya north of the Manaslu-Annapurna region of Nepal. On October 7, Wang Yon-Feng, Jung in-Kyu, Cha Jin-Chol, Moon Young-Soung and You Seok-Jae climbed the mountain, followed by Lee Shoong-Jik and Cha-Yo-Han on the 8th. The team then turned its efforts to the first ascent of Loinbo Kangri (7095m). On October 23, Cha Jin-Chol (China), You Seok-Jae and Bang Jung-il (Korea) summitted via the northeast ridge. (High Mountain Sports 175)