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Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Kazakhstan, Tien Shan, Peak Pobeda, Zhuravleva Route

Peak Pobeda, Zhuravleva Route. First place in the High Altitude Class of the Russian Climbing Competitions was taken by the team “Sever” from Severod (S. Penzov, leader, M. Ishytin, M. Strelkov) who climbed on Peak Pobeda (7439m) by the 1990 Zhuravleva route on the northeastern buttress. It was the second ascent of the route. The snow was very deep and unconsolidated. They worked one section of the route for 14 hours. The remains of a short letter from the V. Bezzubkin group (1981) were found on the summit. The climbers ascended the route from August 19-21 in 34 hours.

Vladimir Shataev, Russian Mountaineering Federation