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Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir-Alai, Lailak Region, The Peaks of the Lailak Ak-Su Valley

The Peaks of the Lailak Ak-Su Valley. While there has been a recent surge in publicity about the Karavshin Ak-Su Valley, fewer American climbers are aware of the alpine rock walls of the Lailak Ak-Su Valley. We here print a number of photos of the Lailak Ak-Su Valley and encourage climbers to consider this area for future climbing trips as well. As with the Karavshin region, the Lailak Ak-Su region has seen considerable development by local climbers, but adventures will undoubtedly still be discovered by the industrious. Further reading may be found on pages 26-36 of the 1992 AAJ in an article that encompasses peaks in both the Lailak and Karavshin areas.