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Asia, Pakistan, Central Karakoram, Broad Peak, South-Southeast Ridge, Attempts

Broad Peak, South-Southeast Ridge, Attempts. It was reported that two teams attempted Broad Peak by its south-southeast ridge this year. Spanish brothers Alex and Félix Iñurrategi made it as far as ca.7200 meters to the start of a difficult rocky section before they realized the undertaking was too great to be accomplished alpine style as they had hoped. They then climbed the mountain from base camp to summit to base camp in a day and a half via the normal route on July 12-13.

Rick Allen (U.K.) and Andrew Lock (Australia) attempted the same line, reaching roughly the same point before coming to the same conclusion. After the retreat, Allen was forced to return home, but Lock reached the main summit via the normal route on August 7. (High Mountain Sports 183)