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Asia, Nepal, Kangchenjunga, North Face

Kangchenjunga, North Face. Kangchenjunga, located in remote eastern Nepal, lies on the border with India’s autonomous state of Sikkim and is the world’s third highest peak at 8586 meters, after Everest and K2. On Kangchenjunga, six expeditions, representing Great Britain, our mixed international team, Korea, the Slovak republic, Spain, and Switzerland attempted to reach the summit by various routes. But only our team was able to attain the top, on May 24, placing Scott McKee from Montana on the summit after 51 days. Scott thus was able to make the first ascent of the north face of Kangchenjunga by an American. One of our main goals was to place the first woman on the summit, and Heidi Howkins (Oregon) very nearly reached the top on May 14. Our expedition was conducted in lightweight style with no high altitude Sherpas and no bottled oxygen.

Daniel Mazur