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North America, Greenland, Schweizerland, Champs Elysees Glacier, Various Ascents

Champs Elysees Glacier, Various Ascents. It was reported that in late July, on the Champs Elysees Glacier, a five-member British all-women’s group (Lisa Holliday, Pippa Manson, Lizzy Popham, Catrin Thomas and Clare Waddington) made an extended tour through the Kristian Glacier region, making the first ascent of the north face of a 2400-meter peak two kilometers north of the Champs Elysees watershed. Later, they moved camp to the southeast of the Tangent base camp, making second ascents of many of the peaks climbed by Gregson et al (see below). On the day that group climbed Hidden Peak, the women made the second ascent of P2200m. The two groups were able to shout at each other from their respective summits. The women also made the first ascent of Little Tryfan (ca. 2350m), a beautiful rock peak overlooking Pourquoi Pas Glacier. (High Mountain Sports 181)