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North America, United States, Alaska, Denali National Park, Denali, Wickersham Wall, Continuous Ski Descent

Denali, Wickersham Wall, Continuous Ski Descent. Adrian Nature made a continuous and complete ski descent of the Wickersham Wall, adding 7,000 vertical feet of new terrain on his descent. Ice cliffs prevented him from skiing the Harvard route as he had intended, forcing a one-mile traverse to the Canadian route.) He had climbed the mountain via the West Buttress, then skied the Wickersham solo in seven hours, an accomplishment that included a bad fall at the top and a subsequent jettisoning of his backpack, which he then skied roughly a mile down the face to retrieve. From the Peters Glacier at the base of the face, he then hiked 25 miles to the road. His was the first solo traverse of the mountain.