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A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section

AAC, Rocky Mountain Section. A result of a survey of our members has been the breakup of the section into more manageable units. The Rocky Mountain Section was the largest section in the AAC, both in terms of members and geography. Breaking up the section will allow more members to participate in regional activities and get involved at the local level. The idea of breaking up the section has been circulating for some time. Finally, with a core of interested members and the approval of the Board of Directors in December, 1996, it is now a reality.

The Northern Rockies Section consists of Montana, Idaho and Utah, while the Central Rockies Section consists of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. The Northern Section will be headed by Doug Colwell in Boise and the Central Section by Greg Sievers in Estes Park.

Charley Mace, Outgoing Section Chair