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Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir-Alai Mountains, Schurokovo Glacier, Various Ascents

Schurovkovo Glacier, Various Ascents. It was reported that Hugh Nicholson, Peter Crampton, Alison Douglass, Peter Garlick and Paul Hersey (NZ) traveled to the Schurovkovo Glacier* in Kyrgyzstan in July and August. During their stay they made ascents of Harturtay (5127 m), Muz-Tash (5040 m), Pic 4900 m, and Pic 4720 m. (New Zealand Alpine Journal 1996)

*It is unclear where this glacier or these peaks lie. The team made their approach from Vahrook, traditional jumping-off point for the Laylak and Karavshin valleys. The report could mean the climbs took place in one of these valleys.