Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir-Alai Mountains, Schurokovo Glacier, Various Ascents

Publication Year: 1997.

Schurovkovo Glacier, Various Ascents. It was reported that Hugh Nicholson, Peter Crampton, Alison Douglass, Peter Garlick and Paul Hersey (NZ) traveled to the Schurovkovo Glacier* in Kyrgyzstan in July and August. During their stay they made ascents of Harturtay (5127 m), Muz-Tash (5040 m), Pic 4900 m, and Pic 4720 m. (New Zealand Alpine Journal 1996)

*It is unclear where this glacier or these peaks lie. The team made their approach from Vahrook, traditional jumping-off point for the Laylak and Karavshin valleys. The report could mean the climbs took place in one of these valleys.