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Asia, Pakistan, Broad Peak, Ascent and Tragedy

Broad Peak, Ascent and Tragedy. Three Korean climbers perished after scaling Broad Peak (8047 m) on July 20. The group leader, Hong Jung-Pyo (41), stated that two climbers, Han Dong-Keun (29) and Yang Jae-Mo (24), reached the main summit at 5:28 p.m. and left their teammate Lim Sun-Taik (24), who was experiencing chest pain, at the false summit. The two reached the main summit and were on their way down to help Lim who was coming down alone from the false summit (8036 m). The two met Lim on the ridge while Hong sent Lee Chi-Sang (32) and Yoon Kyung-In (25), who were on their way up, to help the ailing climber. The weather suddenly turned bad and the three climbers died.

The Korean group made Base Camp at 5000 meters, Camp I at 5600 meters, Camp II at 6300 meters, and Camp III at 7100 meters.

Asem Mustafa Awan, The Nation, Pakistan