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Asia, Pakistan, K2, Attempts

K2, Attempts. It was reported that a seven-man group (Rick Allen, Andy Parkin, Mike Smith, Harry Taylor and Brian Tilly, U.K., plus Maciej Berbeka, Poland) planned to attempt the unclimbed east face. Some members reached ca. 6500 meters on the south-southeast spur, while other reached more or less the same height on the Abruzzi. Allen and Parkin reached ca. 6300 meters on their east face line. Berbeka was avalanched on the lower part of the Abruzzi, sustaining vertebrae damage. He was then evacuated by helicopter, and the expedition was soon after called to a halt.

A German expedition led by Falk Liebstein had hoped to climb the northeast ridge but, upon realizing the objective was too serious, turned their attentions to the Abruzzi. Liebstein and a partner reached ca. 7000 meters before the expedition ended on August 17. (High Mountain Sports 172)