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Asia, Pakistan, K2, Ascent and Tragedy

K2, Ascent and Tragedy. Italian climber Lorenzo Mazzoleni, 30, died on July 29 in a fall from the Shoulder (8000 m) after having successfully climbed K2 via the Abruzzi. According to sources, Lorenzo, along with three others, reached the summit at 4:30 p.m. on July 29. On the descent Lorenzo was the last climber. Salvatore Panzeri, who was ahead of Lorenzo, never knew what happened as the climbers were unroped. All the four climbers were members of an Italian National Research Council (CNR) scientific expedition led by Agostino Da Polenza. The climbers, whose goal was to place a two-meter laser reflecting tripod on the summit to facilitate an accurate height survey of the mountain, were also part of a golden jubilee celebration of Lecco Spider (an Italian climbing club). The body of Lorenzo Mazzoleni couldn’t be brought down and was placed between Camp III (7700 m) and the Shoulder. The summitters who made it down to Base Camp are Giulio Maggioni and the brothers Mario and Salvatore Panzeri.

Asem Mustafa Awan, The Nation, Pakistan