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Asia, Pakistan, Bublimotin (a.k.a. Lady's Finger), Southwest Face

Bublimotin (a.k.a. Lady's Finger), Southwest Face. Members Yasushi Yamanoi (leader), Daisaku Nakagaki, and Taeko Nagao arrived at the foot of southwest face on August 12, 1995, with great baggage, after a long and dangerous approach. We started to climb on August 13 and climbing capsule-style reached the summit of Lady’s Finger on August 24. It took 12 days including one rest day because of snow. The wall’s height is 800 meters. We rated the route 5.10 A3+. We brought two 11 mm, 50-meter ropes, two 10 mm 50-meter ropes, three sets of Friends, three sets of nuts, 50 pitons, 12 days food and 60 liters of water.

Yasushi Yamanoi, Japan