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Asia, Pakistan, Istoronal, Southwest Ridge, Ascent

Istoronal, Southwest Ridge, Ascent. Four Austrian climbers led by Doctor Roland Maruna recorded the third and fourth ascents of Istoronal (7380 m) on August 24 and 26 via the southwest ridge in alpine- style. Norbert Bannert (35) and mountain guide Walter Strauss (48) reached the top on the afternoon of August 24 They were followed by mountain guide Wolfgang Neumuller (28) and Dr. Florian Mittermayer (31) on August 26, also in the afternoon.

The weather on the peak during the summit bid remained bad (misty with constant snowfall) during the climb. Alex Goelles (28) finished 200 meters below the summit and had to retreat for fear of frost bite. He was with the second party, which comprised Wolfgang and Dr. Florian. The other two proceeded in bad weather to the top .Alex said, “The last 300 meters was a steep slope of 40 degrees. The seracs between Camp II and Camp III were also very dangerous and we crossed all the terrain in single file (roped together).” The group also had two women climbers, Sabine Kraml (25) and Anita Maruna (17), Doctor Roland Maruna’s daughter. Sabine reached 6200 meters (Camp II) but came down feeling sick.

Asem Mustafa Awan, The Nation, Pakistan