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Asia, Nepal, Mount Kabru, Attempt and Tragedy

Mount Kabru, Attempt and Tragedy. The members of the Slovenian expedition to Mount Kumbhakarna East (a.k.a. Jannu East, 7468 m) in the fall were Bojan Pockar, leader, Ziga Petric and Anda Perdan, the doctor. Bojan and Ziga were planning to climb the still- unclimbed Mount Kumbhakarna East via the east face (1950 m) in alpine style. The expedition ended very sadly with the deaths of both alpinists Bojan Pockar and Ziga Petrie. They died because of a snowslide.

We reached Base Camp on the East Kumbhakarna Glacier (5300 m) on September 27. The accident happened on the hillside of Mt. Kabru (7353 m) on October 5. Bojan and Ziga were on Mt. Kabru to acclimatize and to get a better view of the east face of Mount Kumbhakarna East. When the accident happened the weather had changed suddenly. It was snowing.

Anda Perdan, Planinska zveza Slovenije