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Asia, Nepal, Mount Everest, From Sweden by Bicycle

Mount Everest, From Sweden by Bicycle. I wanted to climb Everest by my own strength from my home to the top and back again. That’s why I started October 16, 1995, from Stockholm, Sweden, with my bike and a specially made one-wheeled trailer behind, carrying all I needed for my climb. Before me I had one year and eight days, 17000 kilometers, 68100 meters uphill, 140 flat tires and much more….

My trip went as follows: Germany - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India and finally Nepal. The roads were OK to the Pakistan border; after the border they were quite interesting. I also faced some problems with the people in Iran and Pakistan (they threw stones, tomatoes, etc.). When I had arrived in Kathmandu I rested for three weeks and gained a couple of kilos. From there I cycled to Jiri, where the road stops and the walk-in starts. From Jiri I carried everything (65 kilograms) to Namche Bazaar, which took 13 days; from there I carried to Everest Base Camp two times. To avoid all fixed ropes and ladders I did a new variation through the Icefall (below Lho La and the West Shoulder). I followed the South Pillar Route, but made a traverse to the South Col. On May 3 I made my first attempt, but failed just below the South Summit; I was too tired and the time (2 p.m.) was too late. My third attempt was successful. I reached the top together with Ang Rita Sherpa at 1 p.m. on May 23, without oxygen. After the climb, together with my girlfriend, I went home, on bicycle, via Russia.

Goran Kropp, Sweden