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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri I and Annapurna I, Ascents

Dhaulagiri I and Annapurna I, Ascents. A Korean team of four climbing members and an equal number of Sherpas under the leadership of Sung Soon-Je, who himself did not climb, scaled both Annapurna I and Dhaulagiri I in the pre-monsoon season. They went first to Dhaulagiri I, but when bad weather was consuming too much of their time, they split into two parties. On May 1, Deputy Leader Um Hong-Gil summited Dhaulagiri I with Ngati Sherpa, and two days later Kim Hun-Sang and Park Young-Seok with two other Sherpas, Kazi and Gyalzen, were atop Annapurna I. They used no bottled oxygen to reach either peak, and this pair of neighboring mountains were not the first 8000ers “conquered” by two of their team. Um had already summited Everest plus four others. Park, Everest and Cho Oyu; both give climbing as their occupation.

Elizabeth Hawley