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Asia, Nepal, Annapurna I, South Face, Attempt

Annapurna I, South Face, Attempt. Mountaineers from Ekaterinburg, Russia, headed by S. Efimov, tried to climb Annapurna I (8091 m) from the south by Bonington’s route but owing to very bad weather only two of its members, Yuri Ermachek and Alexey Bolotov, managed to reach the height of 7100 meters. The expedition worked from March 30 to June 10. Base Camp was set up on April 9, Camp I (5100) on April 11, Camp II (6100 m) on April 17, Camp III (6400 m) on April 20, Camp IV (6800 m) on April 30. Ropes were fixed from 5500 to 7100 meters.

Vladimir Shataev, Russian Mountaineering Federation