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Antarctica, Solo Unsupported Continental Crossing

Solo Unsupported Continental Crossing. It was reported that Borge Ousland departed Antarctica’s Berkner Island in the Weddell Sea on November 15 and arrived at Ross Island’s New Zealand Scott Base in McMurdo Sound at 23:45 GMT, January 17, 1997, having trekked 1,764 miles in 64 days. During his crossing he pulled a 408-pound sled. Three other men also started the crossing on November 15. Sir Randolph Twistleton-Wykeman-Fiennes dropped out in mid-December with kidney stones; Marek Kaminski of Poland reached the South Pole on January 14, but decided to discontinue his solo trans-Antarctic expedition three days later for undisclosed reasons. The status of South Korean Hoe Young-ho was unknown. (Expedition News February 1997)