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South America, Argentina, Cero de la Messa, Cordillera de la Ramada, Central Andes

Cerro de la Mesa, Cordillera de La Ramada, Central Andes. This mountain, a huge ice and rock table very near the mighty Mercedario (6770 m), has a height of ca. 6200 meters (old official height, not corrected) and many other minor summits over 6000 meters. In January, 1995, Anibal and Juan Maturano ascended Cerro Negro (5649 m) in a day for acclimatization. The big group split. Part of it climbed Alma Negra (6120 m) (height not corrected). Mauricio Manzi and Bernardo Moyano climbed all the summits of La Mesa except the highest, the superb Pico Polaco (ca. 6000 m, named in honor of the 1930s Polish expedition that climbed Aconcagua, Mercedario and other peaks), which was aborted because of heavy snowfall.

Marcelo Scanu, Buenos Aires, Argentina